Class Descriptions (check schedule for current offerings)

  • BASICS - Open to all levels, but specifically designed for those newer to yoga. In this class you will explore some of the basic postures and breathing techniques that make up the practice of Hatha Yoga. Emphasis will be placed on the basics of proper alignment, core strength, flexibility and balance, as well as breath control and concentration.
  • BASIC FLOW - More gentle than rigorous, this class incorporates Hatha poses and may incorporate the elements of vinyasa but moves at a pace slower than Level 1+2 classes.  Class may also include some restorative postures and longer holds.  A grab bag of different elements of yoga for the practitioner who is either newer to yoga or looking for something a little gentler.
  • EASY DOES IT -  This gentle class combines basic asana, breathwork and may incoporate simple meditation techniques - in other words, yoga. Suitable for all levels - from beginners newer to their practice to those more expereinced looking to go a bit deeper and move a bit more slowly and compassionately. Uniting elements of Basics and Restorative, this class is often described as "yummy". 

  • GENTLE HATHA - Open to all levels, this class is simply for those who choose to move at a slower pace. Although less intense, this class still offers practitioners all the benefits of breath, movement and a quieting the mind one would find in a more active class, just at a pace that is more at ease.

  • GENTLE YOGA - Indulge in the possibilities of deep relaxation. You are invited to de-stress and find physical and mental serenity through a slow guided gentle practice. Yoga Therapy works with adapted yoga techniques and breath by way of moving meditation. The focus is on learning to release muscles and tension which can contribute to pain in the body. This yoga is for everybody, regardless of your physical challenges, meeting the students where they are, and fitting the practice to your individual needs.
  • LEVEL 1 - Recommneded for the continuing beginner student.  Pace is slightly quicker and more challenging poses may be introduced.  This class is suitable for people who feel comfortable in Basics and are looking for greater strength, stamina and flexibility, as well as going deeper into other areas of their practice.
  • LEVEL 1+2 - Recommneded for the continuing beginner student and intermediate students.  Pace is quicker and more challenging poses may be introduced.  This class is suitable for people who feel comfortable in Level 1 and are looking for greater strength, stamina and flexibility, as well as going deeper into other areas of their practice.
    • LEVEL 1+2 FLOW - For those looking to and ready to push their practice, but still maintain a light heart! This class may incorporate more advanced asana including inversions and arm balances, and incorporate Sun Salutations.  Room may be heated, and music may be included.
      • LEVEL 2+3 - Our most challenging class designed for students with advanced practices and those looking to push their practice further in all aspects of yoga.  Look forward to arm balances, inversions and pranayama techniques that will grow your practice as you play your edge, all in a supportive and encouraging environment.  Not recommended for first timers or students newer to yoga.
      • MASTERING THE BASICS - If you’ve ever asked yourself in yoga: ”Am I doing this right?”, this is the class for you.  Detailed instruction and building each pose carefully insures that students create a strong foundation and feel confident in their practice. Jessie: "I want the teachings to be accessible for everyone so I take care to explain and answer questions as we work on a specific pose, a particular anatomical focus or even talk about the place where yoga and emotions meet." Everyone, students at every level, should be taking this class! Give yourself permission to start right where you are and come join us.
      • MIXED LEVELS / ALL LEVELS - Focused on linking the breath and the postures in an effort to reduce stress, fatigue and create a sense of calm.  Each class is tailored to the ability level of the students in attendance.  Modifications are offered to students for postures by the instructor from brand new students to those who want a more of a challenge.  Open to all levels.
      • PRENATAL YOGA - This class is designed to assist moms-to-be to continue a safe, strengthening, and contemplative asana practice during their body?s transitioning through pregnancy to child bearing. Pranayama techniques to increase energy and equanimity will be included. This is a time set aside for yogi moms to explore inwardly and share outwardly with others for support and nurturing exchange.
      • RESTORATIVE - This class is all about the yum. Students are guided through a gentle yoga practice, utilizing props, specific postures and breath techniques designed to help the yogi relax deeply, physically, mentally and emotionally. All levels are welcome and encouraged to join.
      • SUNDAY CANDLELIGHT FLOW - Offered by a different Forward Fold instructor each Sunday night, this All Levels class is a great way to wrap that week.  Each class will vary depending on the mood and energy in the room - an escape for just 90 minutes.  Expect some movement as well as a little restorative.  Candlelight, mixed-level flow on a Sunday the Valley.  Need we say more?
      • TEEN YOGA (CHECK SCHEDULE FOR AVAIL) - Thanks for the lift, mom.  You can stay or you can go. This class is designed specifically for kids 12-17 who may want practice among their peers. While there still will be no texting in class (omg) we’ve created a safe and specific environment for the young adults in our community to explore breath, movement and a quieting the mind. Music and themes may be a little more specific to this class.  
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