Our Vision

With Forward Fold, we set out to create an urban refuge for the mind, body and spirit: a space where each individual can emerge a bit more at peace than when they walked through our doors. We are members of the Encino community and seek to serve our neighborhood with only the best intentions. We hope that you will receive this space as the urban refuge we’ve set out for it to be. We aspire to present you with a place for some time apart, to breathe and move and reflect, to look within and without and to come home to your Self.

The teachers and staff at Forward Fold want to help you on your path of becoming your wisest, most vibrant self – calm and resourceful in the face of any life challenge, a full participant in your work, your family, and your passions, and healthy and strong in your body and your mind. Whether you’ve been practicing for decades or opening yourself up to yoga for the first time, we thank you and welcome you to our community.

Now let’s do this thing!




Did You Know?

In 1769 Gasper de Portola landed in the Monterey region of California.  During his expedition he was greeted by several hundred Grabielino Indians near Encino Springs under the mighty oak trees that would give Encino its name, which is Spanish for "oak tree".